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Rare, Single Cask Whisky Discoveries

It all starts with a dram.

Sourced from Scotland’s finest distilleries within the Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay regions, our whisky is hand bottled at cask strength with zero tampering, chill filtering or colouring for maximum enjoyment. Each one is limited-run so check out our full range of unique spirits before they’re gone for good.

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Lady of The Glen

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Lady of The Glen

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Lady of The Glen

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Sourced with care

Wood management is key to achieving the perfect balance which is why we place a great deal of effort into sourcing quality spirit and marrying that spirit with casks that we feel will express the best attributes of the spirit in a balanced way. For this reason we source our ex-wine casks from bodegas in Portugal and Spain, vineyards in Italy and cooperages in France to name a few.

We work directly with family-owned businesses to ensure that we understand the origins of the casks and the genesis of the wine or spirits, furnishing us with not only confidence in our brand but the knowledge that we are offering our clientele a quality product

Our resolve for transparency is translated by detailing the origin of a cask and the original distillate on our intricately designed labels.

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Independently owned & proudly Scottish

As independent bottlers, Lady of the Glen takes pride on releasing high quality exceptional whisky. We want our patrons to savour the flavours that are detailed in every drop. To breathe in the notes and depths and be transported to another world.

Our rare single cask whiskies are collectible as each iconic label displays a hand drawn number, however, our desire is that our clientele enjoys one of our drams in the moment.

Our newly acquired four hand bottling system allows us the capacity to fill different bottle types and decanters with ease and efficiency. When bottling casks, we employ hand labelling techniques, this enables us to swiftly bottle casks, therefore reducing any potential delays in getting your product to market.

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