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Rare, Single Cask Whisky Discoveries

Discover Rare, Single Cask Whisky

It all starts with a dram.

That birthday. Their wedding. The graduation. A welcome home. Life’s finest moments are best celebrated with quality whisky. My father, who comes from a long line of pipers, taught me this over my first dram. He also taught me the secret to building the ultimate Scotch collection...

Today, I bring international whisky enthusiasts an exclusive taste of my nation’s traditional spirit. I source some of the rarest casks before they are lost in exile. By constantly keeping one ear to the ground, I seek out smaller casks, recently closed distilleries or top-drawer excess stock just waiting to be bottled.

I created Hannah Whisky Merchants to share my unique discoveries. Our iconic label, Lady of the Glen, gives you my personal guarantee that every cask has been taste-tested and independently bottled by us, kept as pure as we found it in a Scottish distillery.

I’m proud to offer worldwide collectors and connoisseurs instant access to extremely limited releases of premium, single cask whisky. And it all started with an inspiring dram passed between father and son.

Gregor Hannah
Director of Hannah Whisky Merchants Ltd.

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Situated on the banks of the river Lossie, just outside Elgin. Famous for its light fruity spirit, this ex-Bourbon barrel has added layers of vanilla, coconut and chocolate notes

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Lady of The Glen

Islay’s oldest distillery and home to the famous Vaults warehouse, this medium peated malt has been matured for 23 years in a refill sherry cask enhancing the already very fruity character of this make.

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Built at the highest point in Glasgow on the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal, closed in 2010 then demolished a year later. A light and sweet distillate, the barrel has added body and depth to the spirit.

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Independently Bottled. Internationally Enjoyed.

We celebrate the natural heritage of Scotch whisky by exclusively sharing single cask discoveries under our premium label, Lady of the Glen. Our spirit is sourced from distilleries in Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay regions.

Every cask is finite and must come to an end. Once Lady of the Glen limited edition releases are sold out – like our fleeting Littlemill and Bowmore releases – you will only find a nostalgic snapshot of them on our Collection page.

Currently, 20 million casks of whisky lie maturing in private Scottish locations. Lady of the Glen offers you the grandest handful of these.

We are independent bottlers of single-cask whisky, so each release represents one special distillery, one oak cask and a limited edition of individually labelled bottles of Scotch.

Our whisky releases can take years to source, but often sell-out in just weeks, proving to be hugely popular with collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

Our success lies in the purity of our product. We never buy in bulk or fill warehouses with our latest finds. Each cask is hand-sourced, independently bottled and 100% natural with zero tampering or chill-filtering. When we release we bottle at natural cask strength, with no colouring or chill filtering.

There’s no magic to our methods – besides the Angel’s taking their share! We’ve simply built lasting relationships with talented experts who can locate the best of those 20 million casks. The rest is up to the whisky.

The casks may be our discoveries, but a single bottle is your chance to start a luxury whisky collection of your own.

The Taste

Lady of the Glen, Glen Moray 12 year

When sourcing whisky, taste is our top priority. We can guarantee the quality of every release thanks to a dedicated group of whisky enthusiasts, who are independently sent new samples to share their genuine tasting notes online. Follow them to find your desired flavour profile.

Unique Cask

Lady of the Glen, group shot of tubes

Anywhere between 50% and 80% of a whisky’s flavour is imparted by its cask. So, you can understand why the most incredible releases have spent some serious time maturing in top-quality oak (at least 3 years). Gregor, our founder, personally tastes every cask – and if it doesn’t knock his socks off, we simply don’t stock it.

Unique Bottle

Lady of the Glen group shot of whisky range

Every Lady of the Glen label is embellished with iconic floral detailing, featuring your whisky’s unique number and single malt specifics. This not only ensures a gift or investment is protected from fraud, but confirms the spirit’s exact origin. With us, you can always collect with confidence.

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Q1 2021 Outrun

Jan 29th, 04:56 PM

Our first outrun of 2021 is now available. We have settled into our new bottling hall and are excited to get back to it after the Christmas break.First up is a very special release, a 23 year old Bowmore. We were very excited to receive this cask into the warehouse. Islay’s oldest distillery and home to the famous Vaults warehouse, this medium peated malt has been matured in a refill sherry cask enhancing the already very fruity character of this make. The tasting revealed rose water, heather honey and d…

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Why You Should Be Drinking Ex Bourbon Cask Whisky

Jan 25th, 02:28 PM

Ex Heaven Hill cask lying at our warehouseWe all love our big juicy sherry casks and full on peaty Islay malts. This can lead to whiskies from ex-bourbon casks to be seen as plain and boring. However there is a world of gently sweet, delicate and sophisticated drams from these casks that everyone should take time to consider.I would consider an older bourbon matured malt to be a real whisky drinker's dram. It is easy to be wowed by a whisky that is so thick from PX maturation you could stand a spoon in …

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Lady Of The Glen Outrun 4 2020

Nov 11th, 09:41 AM

The last outrun of 2020 is now available for sale.In what has been a tumultuous year for the team at Lady of the Glen we have carefully selected a handful of diverse casks to provide a broad range of flavoursome Whisky.Where casks have been re-racked we are proud to reveal this was under our direction and the labels on each bottle reflect where we sourced the ex-wine cask from. In addition, in this outrun all of the finishes (aside from the PX Octave Caol ila) were finished for over a year in the wine cask …

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